Shocking number of #engineering dropouts at SA universities #STEMed by +University…

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Shocking number of #engineering dropouts at SA universities #STEMed by +University of Johannesburg prof. Saurabh Sinha via +BusinessTech 

Shocking number of engineering dropouts at SA universities
Engineering is listed as a ‘scarce profession’ in South Africa despite the fact that many people do not have access to good quality infrastructure and services.

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Imagineering in Wonderland

Attending a lecture titled: ‘Imagineering in Wonderland, a Nuclear world around us, are Electrons really blue?’ by Dr Kelvin Kemm.”

Learned a few things:

  • South Africa was one of the 1st Nuclear countries because of our Uranium resources.
  • Palindaba is going to deplete it’s uranium from weapons grade to 19.5% fuel grade.
  • Global warming is just another one of those “keep control by instilling fear” tactics, i.e. bird flu has had its turn.
  • Refreshed my interest in the Quantum nature of electrons and Heisenburgs uncertainty principle. Quantum electron pairs will choose opposite spins instantaneously, even though separated by space.

Questions in my head:

  • What happens if an electro-magnetic waves’ frequency is increased to a point that it approaches infinity?
  • Can an electro-magnetic wave fold in on itself? Would this result in a particle?

The ultimate camo

Not sure if this idea has been investigated by any1 else. Imagine is you could weave a suit out of optical fibers in such a way that the end point of one fiber is always 180 degrees to the other end and both are perpendicular to the surface of your body! the effect would be that light from any direction would be sent “through” you/the fibers and emerge at the opposite side, making you invisible!

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Cooking For Engineers

Although I prefer eating to cooking, I have dabbled. I came accross a cooking site that makes the though a lot more comfortable: Cooking For Engineers. Theres also an interesting article on Saturated Fats, Cholesterol, and Heart Disease. My conclusions, stop the Potato Chips (Hydrogenated Oils), replace marg with good ol’ butter and everything in moderation (I love relativity).