I recently purchased a new digital camera, the Olympus C765, 4 MP. Excellant camera, especially like the closeup and night photography features. Here are some pics I took to test it out…

I blog, therefore I am…

Although I had planned to blog everything I learnt, it didn’t happen. Partly because I’ve learnt too many little things to blog. I finally settled for using JSP’s to create the UI. I created a lower layer of Javabeans, which the JSP’s talk to, which in turn talk to the mySQL database. If I think of anything worth blogging in retrospect I will, because I am..

J2ME and JSP advances

I’ve managed to get a stable development environment going using:
Tomcat 5.0
Eclipse 3.0 RC1
net.sf.solareclipse_0.4.0.bin.dist.zip NOT 0.4.1 (cant save JSPs)

Works like a charm!

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scratch that whole entropy theory, this is life…. Posted by Hello

This blog has been commandeered for the purposes of mapping my technical journey, so lets get up to speed, I’ve been asked to develop a GUI for a Supply Chain Management Database, which resides on a FreeBSD box. I decided to use a web-based Java interface and will be looking at either JSP’s or Velocity. Considering the fact that I dont have a 4king clue about Java its going to be a challenge. Also will be using Hibernate for the database stuff.