I watched “How to train your dragon” this weekend, in “3D”.

But it wasn’t really 3D… Awesome as it was, all that I really perceived was… depth.

Yep, my eyes were fed the necessary extra information required for it to work out the relative distances of objects in the movie.

Is that 3D? Or is that true 1D? The much talked about next generation of TVs will also be True 1D and no more I’m afraid.

I know I’m bein pedantic, but in all honesty, I just want to make sure that we get the terminology right up front. I will not be satisfied until we truly have 3D.

So what will True 3D be? The answer is actually visible in another True 1D movie: Avatar. The control desk showing the layout of the forest, used by the planners, now that is 3D.

True 3D for me, is the representation of an image on all spacial planes. One should be able to view a scene from at least 5 viewpoints, if the bottom up view is left out. The 3D tv of the future will not be mounted on the far wall. It will be mounted on the coffee table in the center instead. You will get a different view depending on which side of it you are.

Best part is that you will like not require special glasses to trick youe eyes into perceiving depth, because the depth will be a side effect of the fact that the image is projected in a 3 dimensional space.

So, Sony, Samsung, LG, if you’re reading this, how about considering a change in name for your upcoming technology? It will give us something to look forward to after True 1D becomes the norm.

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