It’s official. We can all let go of those fantastic idea’s of going back in time to fix mistakes of the past or passing back information such as lottery numbers and share prices.

Marty McFly has not visited unfortunately and if you’ve read my previous blog post you would have realised by now that all is lost in this field of theoretical physics.

Just in case any Time Travelling wannabe attempted to dupe me into believing that he/she was from the future, I left out one important part of my (ingenious) plan; A password: wormhole

The password is only mentioned in this post, which only a true Time Traveller would’ve had access to while reading the previous post, before today. You know what I mean.

So there, scientists, theoretical physicists, bored engineers and the like, you can cross off one waste of time theory and concentrate on something with more substance, like teleportation now.

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