Home Networking: Sudhir Dixit, Research Fellow, Nokia Research Center
Home Networking; the next frontier (not the final frontier, coz thats been reserved for space)

DLNA consortium
DLNA Vision, promote interoperaability between home networked devices.

Media Exchange protocols for home networks, Edwin Heredia, Microsoft

Location based services, Paul Wisner, Nokia
Based on Nokia 6630, uses Discovery Protocols: Bluetooth SDP and UPnP
Others: SLP and JINI
Nokia Approach: Everything is aware of its own location, proximity is determined by comparisn
Map location to position, position determined from GPS, WLAN triangulation etc.
Desktop on mobile device shows reachable services

Usable Security in Smart Homes, Saad Shakshir, Nokia Research

Hot Topics: MIMO
What is MIMO?
Definition: MIMO

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