Duplicate Address Detection in OLSR networks, Thomas Clausen, Inria

MANETS: Mobile Adhoc Networks, do not comply with traditional internet hypothesis
Networks split and re-combine and may cause address conflicts.
DHCP is statefull , server based and sensitive to partitioning
IPV6 also has similar problems
Pro-active protocol
Inspired by NOA OLSR and PACMAN
The proposed solution is to use link state messages to determine the occurance of duplicate addresses and initiate self address change in case of detection

AD-hoc network applcations and technical issues, Dude from Hitachi
3 uses for ad-hoc:
specialized, e.g miltary, emergency, disaster
enterprise e.g. office, home
consumer e.g. community
Town security System with wireless cameras, Tracking, Cellular phones using ad-hoc networking to bypass network
ITS service systems
3 test systems
Security system with 8 olsr nodes, cameras and pda
Car mobile network with auto handover between wilan and cellular, using olsr and mobile IPv6

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