I read that one of the best features of the Blackberry 8100 /81XX Pearl is the ability to change the colour of the Pearl. Wow. Isn’t that usefull?

So I ignored the feature up until recently when my 1st Blackberry (R.I.P, wish I could’ve shared this app with u) was replaced after it’s most unfortunate demise .

I stumbled accross the install files while trying to replace my old Blackberry apps (like Twitterberry)and thought, what the heck, let me give it a shot. And Damn! Colour me impressed!

Blinged Pearl

There are two apps available, depending on your firmware version:
Colorpearl (Works on Version 4.2 OS) and BlingBall (Works on V5 OS)

Colorpearl OTA (Install directly to your mobile)

I’ve also made the install files available here:

Colorpearl and BlingBall


Download the Zips, unpack and install using Desktop Manager.

3 thoughts on “Bling your Pearl

  1. I get to work with many phones and I own an e90. When it comes to usability, the blackberry wins hands down. The Nokia is dog-slow and the email synch is not nearly as good. Worst of all, its a brick. Give the BB a shot, you might never go back!

  2. I think its just a matter of Nokia being consumer focused and BlackBerry being business. When it comes to smartphones, BlackBerry IS the leader, its what they do. Thats why I wont recommend anyone buying for eg the Omnia, because its Samsung’s first go at a smartphone. I hear they are making the Omnia II. Imagine the uproar, like with iPhone / iPhone 3G.

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