Though I’d share the code for those interested in how I did the masaajid maps:

<gm:page title=”Masaajid in South Africa” authenticate=”false” onload=”kmlPE()” gadget=”true”>
The mashup application demonstrates taking a Google Earth KML file and mapping it on a Google Map.
@author: GME Team & Valery Hronusov
<h2>Masaajid in South Africa</h2>
<!– Map definition –>
<gm:map id=”map” height=”600px” width=”800px”
lat=”-28.7500″ lng=”24.7700″ zoom=”5″ maptypes=”true”/>
function kmlPE()
var myMap = google.mashups.getObjectById(‘map’).getMap();
var geoXml = new GGeoXml(“”);

The above code can be easily pasted/ test using the Google mashup editor.

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