Attending a lecture titled: ‘Imagineering in Wonderland, a Nuclear world around us, are Electrons really blue?’ by Dr Kelvin Kemm.”

Learned a few things:

  • South Africa was one of the 1st Nuclear countries because of our Uranium resources.
  • Palindaba is going to deplete it’s uranium from weapons grade to 19.5% fuel grade.
  • Global warming is just another one of those “keep control by instilling fear” tactics, i.e. bird flu has had its turn.
  • Refreshed my interest in the Quantum nature of electrons and Heisenburgs uncertainty principle. Quantum electron pairs will choose opposite spins instantaneously, even though separated by space.

Questions in my head:

  • What happens if an electro-magnetic waves’ frequency is increased to a point that it approaches infinity?
  • Can an electro-magnetic wave fold in on itself? Would this result in a particle?

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