Rare Encircling Filament

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Rare Encircling Filament
We came across an oddity this week that our spacecraft has rarely observed before: a dark filament encircling an active region (Oct. 29-31, 2017). Solar filaments are clouds of charged particles that float above the sun, tethered to it by magnetic forces.

They are usually elongated and uneven strands. Only a handful of times before have we seen one shaped like a circle. (The black area to the left of the brighter active region is a coronal hole, a magnetically open region of the sun).

Credit: Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA.

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A Tesla coil easily makes it to the top spot on our list of “Mad Scientist” equipment…

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A Tesla coil easily makes it to the top spot on our list of “Mad Scientist” equipment we want for the lab, second only to maybe a Jacob’s Ladder. Even then, it’s kind of unfair advantage because you know people only want a Jacob’s Ladder for that awesome…

PCB Tesla Coil Is Perfect Desk Toy

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NASA’s Interface Region Imaging Spectrometer, or IRIS, peers into a lower level of the Sun’s atmosphere — called the interface region — to determine how this area drives constant changes in the Sun’s outer atmosphere.

The interface region feeds solar material into the corona and solar wind: In this video, captured on Sept. 10, 2017, jets of solar material appear like tadpoles swimming down toward the Sun’s surface. These structures — called supra-arcade downflows — are sometimes observed in the corona during solar flares, and this particular set was associated with the X8.2 flare of the same day.


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"The 280 mAh non-removable battery that can be charged in 2 hours will get you…

"The 280 mAh non-removable battery that can be charged in 2 hours will get you going for 5 to 7 days quite easily with Normal usage and with continuous heart rate and GPS on it will last up to 24 hours. "

and $99


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A perfect Smartwatch with very long battery life and gives more features than any other smartwatch in this price range

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Smartwatch Review; feels good on your hand as well to your Wallet – Gadget Lite
Xiaomi Amazfit PACE is a GPS Running Smartwatch. Amazfit Smartwatch is a lot more Gorgeous from the inside than it looks from outside.

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Full duplex sdr

Full duplex sdr

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A few years ago, we saw the rise of software-defined radios with the HackRF One and the extraordinarily popular RTL-SDR USB TV tuner dongle. It’s been a few years, and technology is on a never-ending upwards crawl to smaller, cheaper, and more powerful…

Cheap, Full-Duplex Software Defined Radio With The LimeSDR

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I present my watchskin Boss

Made by me from the scratch, in PS, and Watchmaker.
Credit to bosswatches: https://www.hugoboss.com/men-watches/

Nice sharp looking elegant skin, with coloured vivid dim.

There is a watch skin , scripted dim mode, plus 9 step dim fading.
Battery/24 hr/weekday/zoom.

tap center to zoom
tap 6 : choose to background of the face.
tap 3 > Dim There is: 1.OFF, 2:MIN DIM , 3:NORMAL DIM, 4:AUTO SLOWGLO, 5:ALWAYS
tap 9 > dim level 10 steps
tap between 10-11 > fade modes switch (30,60,85%)
tap 12 > choose 9 different dim colors.

Hope you like that, I really enjoyed to made 🙂

Free to use for everyone….

Don't forget to comment and 👍 when you like it :

CREDITS: Thanks to +Grondin Designs+CLR1 Design


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